Our We Lev stamp of approval

Our little pink stamp is a way of helping places and events stand out in the crowd on Lev You Lots.

If you're looking to kickstart a new business or promote an event, we can help you get it the attention it deserves.

Other ways we promote businesses and events

Featured posts

On the homepage, or at the top of a hub, like food and drink for a period of time.

We Lev collections

Your place or event will appear in 'We Lev' stamped sections around the site.

Detailed listings

More detailed information on your listing, like a bio of the people behind a business, reviews and testimonials.

News and socials

Stories and social media content to market your thing.

Without losing sight of what's important

To make sure, we stick to some key principles:
  1. nobody pays to be on Lev You Lots
  2. still give stamps to businesses that go the extra mile, by prioritising accessibility, lowering their environmental impact or supporting active travel
  3. never promote businesses that doesn't reflect our values

Want to get more out of your listing? Upgrade it.

Our professional listings gives your place or event time to shine, with reviews, owner biographies, professional photography and more.
See our listing types

The literal (and human) cost of running Lev You Lots

We understand that people might rightfully ask "isn't this a resource for the community? How can you favour some businesses over others for money?"

In the interest of transparency, running a website isn't free. There's a few things that all add up, like:

  • the cost of the domain name (www.levyoulots.com)
  • the server running costs, which go up as more people use the site
  • the cost of third party software and plugins that add features, like contact forms

After that's all been paid for, it takes a lot of time to create and manage a website like this one. There are big jobs, like:

  • designing and building individual pages, and templates that support all the places, events and independents on the website
  • designing the Lev You Lots brand, so everything looks and feels familiar
  • writing all of the content, from home and 'about' pages to the individual guides and news
  • curating and writing social media pages

And the medium-to-small jobs:

  • updating information when it changes
  • adding new places when they open
  • adding and managing the events calendar
  • curating the home and hub pages to show relevant guides to the time of day, year or simply keep things fresh

To sum up, it takes a lot of time, skill, money and know-how to make something like this tick. And allowing businesses to promote on the site helps cover some of those costs.

We'd never promote a business or event that went against our values. We still stamp businesses that go out of their way to be awesome, like providing bicycle parking, supporting the community or prioritising accessibility.

And all the while, we'll be transparent with you about when and why we promote some businesses and events at different times.

Want to promote on Lev You Lots?

If you want to chat about promoting a business or event, get in touch and we'll work with you to make sure everyone is happy.
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