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West Didsbury

West Didsbury

Is West best? West Didsbury might just be the cuisine and quaffing jewel of South Manchester, filled to the brim with bars, restaurants, picture-perfect brunch spots. And just about everything else, too.

West Didsbury is a leafy suburb with a lot going on. With its pretty shop facades and tree-lined roads, you could almost forget that you're in Manchester.

Amidst the hustle, the bustle and the traffic, there's enough independent wine bars, coffee shops, trendy cafes and restaurants to keep you entertained for a lifetime.

And in between the food and drink, there's still room for a few boutique fashion shops and other independent retailers.

It's not hard to see why West Didsbury has it all going on. It's perfectly placed within the city - with exceptional bus and tram links to just about anywhere.

And as a result, Manchester City Council have invested in bike parking and infrastructure in recent years with the hope of calming and quietening the roads.

That popularity can come at a price, though. At its busiest, the traffic can be an issue - clogging up the idyllic main roads and nearby residential streets.

If you're planning on a day-trip to 'Didders', we'd strongly recommend cycling (there's plenty of places to store bikes), or getting on the Metrolink.

Why we love West Didsbury

Getting around


Thanks to being on one of the main roads into Manchester, West Didsbury has great bus links into Manchester City Centre, Withington, other parts of Didsbury and most of South Manchester.

There are plenty of bus stops along Burton Road, and a few separate services that all run fairly regularly. So hop on a double decker, grab the upstairs front seats and enjoy a trundle through the trees of Didsbury.

Train or tram

The easiest way to get to West Didsbury is by tram.

West Didsbury tram station is on Palatine Road and Lapwing Lane, and runs frequent trams into the city centre and beyond



Burton Road, the main road that cuts through West Didsbury is busy, and poorly designed for cyclists. For large stretches, there are no cycle lanes at all.

However, you can take advantage of Didsbury's quieter residential roads to avoid busier main roads. And the leafier, well-maintained side streets can make for a pleasant scenic route to get wherever you need to go.

The shop and bar fronts have plenty of bicycle parking. So once you've figured out a route you're comfortable with, Didsbury can be an enjoyable cycling experience.

Further to the north, and past Withington, the road connects to Wilmslow Cycleway, offering protected cycle lanes right the way into Manchester City Centre.

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