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Go for the market. Stay for the people. Levenshulme is made up of a passionate, artistic and diverse grassroots community, and is probably best known for its social enterprise food and arts market. But look beyond Levy Market, and you'll quickly realise Levenshulme has a lot more going for it.

Everyone knows about Levy Market. And yes, it's great. But let us tell you why we're so fond of Levenshulme.

Artisanal bakeries with fresh loaves, cakes and bakes every day. Trendy craft beers on tap, alongside traditional old-school boozers. A genuinely surprising amount of great brunch spots, and a growing restaurant scene.

Not to mention independent shops for flowers, beauty and other essentials, a three-floor antiques village and a couple of great charity shops to bargain hunt through.

Throw in one of Manchester's best-known arts and crafts markets and you've got yourself somewhere well worth a mooch-about.

Beyond the food, drink and shopping. Levenshulme has a strong sense of community and identity. The Old Library serves the community as an arts, classes and music space, alongside Levenshulme Inspire's community services. And the soon-to-open Manchester Library of Things will soon be helping people out in a pinch.

But yes, the A6 is still terrible.

Why we love Levenshulme

Getting around


Levenshulme's main road, the A6, is served by the world-renowned 192 bus - among other regular services.

Therefore, it's quick and easy to get into the city centre both day and night, as well as to Stockport. Orbital connections to other suburbs and boroughs can be tricky, but there is an assortment of buses that can get you where you need to go.

Train or tram

Levenshulme train station is a quick link to Manchester City Centre, as well as Stockport. Trains usually run about every 20 minutes, and drop you right outside Levy Market.

If you're looking to go further afield, Levenshulme train station is on the main train line, so connections at Stockport and Piccadilly make getting further south or north a breeze.

Levenshulme is not part of the Metrolink tram network,



Levenshulme by bike is a mixed bag. The A6 is a quick and direct way into the city, but a mixture of bus lanes, cycle lanes and no-lanes with a lot of traffic.

But Levenshulme and Burnage are also a Low Traffic Neighbourhood - meaning new traffic filters have turned many residential roads into one-way streets for cars - but open access for pedestrians and cyclists.

And the Fallowfield Loop, an old orbital railway line, is a fantastic and beautiful way to get to Fallowfield, Chorlton or Reddish - perfect for a leisurely summer ride.

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