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A vibrant community with a growing bar, food and takeaway scene in the heart of South Manchester. Popular among young professionals and students, Withington has some of the best public transport and active travel infrastructure in the city.

Withington is a bustling suburb in South Manchester, situated between Fallowfield and Didsbury. Thanks to its location, it's popular among students and young professionals who need to quickly venture into the city or university campuses.

Just a few minutes south on Palatine Road, and you'll find yourself in Didsbury - a hub of restaurants, bars and independents.

But don't let the transport links out of Withington fool you. Because in recent years, this little patch has carved an identity of its own. With Manchester's first all-vegan ice cream joint, a growing bar scene and a few places to while away the hours over brunch - you can easily spend the good part of a day here.

There's independent shops, as well as local supermarkets to keep your wardrobes and fridge feeling fresh.

Another feather in Withington's cap is that many of its historic buildings, the library and the old Edwardian swimming baths, are still in use - offering some picturesque vignettes of inner city life.

Why we love Withington

Getting around


Withington has some of the best bus transport links in Manchester, with Palatine and Wilmslow Road combining to make one of the main arterial roads into the city centre and university campuses.

In the opposite direction, several buses connect Withington to West Didsbury and Didsbury Village's bustling food scene.

Train or tram

Withington tram stop is on Princess Road, close to Hough End playing fields

It's a bit of a walk from Withington's main shopping, bars and food places, but serves as a good connection to the city centre. Or, in the other way, Didsbury Village and East Didsbury.


Thanks, in part, to Withington's large student population, it has good bicycle infrastructure. Most main roads have painted cycle lines, which transition into the protected cycle lanes of Wilmslow Road Cycleway once you make it north into Fallowfield.

However, some areas around busy bus stops can be tricky to navigate at peak times - as bus stops and cycle lines often intersect.

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