A grand, long-awaited opening: Levenshulme's Station South

Four years of graft, a new roof and a global pandemic couldn't stop the inevitable. Station South is opening. We were among the first to get a sneak peak at Levenshulme's new cycle hub, cafe and bar - and we're in a sharing mood.

First, it was Levenshulme Station. Then Levenshulme South. Then a cash and carry. Then abandoned and left for the Northern elements to have their way with it - banishing it to the past tense one last time.

But now - finally - it's Station South: Levenshulme's new destination cycle cafe/bar, complete with bike workshop and urban garden.

Supporters, local businesses owners and more all gathered to celebrate Station South's impending opening

While some of the bits that will eventually make up Station South are in progress, the doors are opening in April to the general public. Whether it's for a bike repair, brunch with a view or an evening boogie - they've got it covered.

A first look inside Station South

Luckily for us, we were invited to take a look around Station South and celebrate their grand opening with the team - alongside local business owners, volunteers, community groups and MPs.

And let's just say: it's beautiful.

I mean, take a look for yourself.

The new bar, serving beers, cocktails, coffee and more
Restored flooring, original brickwork and a fresh lick of paint

The steelwork, brickwork and flooring have all been preserved and restored to their former glory. And the bones of the building have been complemented by a few modern finishes, touches and paintwork (for which Levenshulme Runners are due to some credit).

Inside the all-new Cafe Bar

The real impression is made by the windows - reconstructed and restored to their original glory. The terrace, overlooking the Fallowfield Loop might just take the crown for best brunch-view in Levenshulme.

And you won't have long to wait to see it, either. Station South opens its doors to the general public this weekend (1-3 April).

More details are due about that very soon, so you might want to keep an eye on their Facebook for that.

An uphill battle

There were times when the odds seemed stacked against the revival of the original Levenshulme Station.

The pressures of unforeseen structural repair work, an ever-growing repair bill and a global pandemic have been felt by all of the team behind Station South. And ultimately led to the four year wait before it would open its doors to the public.

But Directors Abigail Pound, Pauline Johnston and Mark Jermyn all rolled with the punches, gritted their teeth and have seen it through to craft a new beginning for the old heritage building.

During their launch event, local MP Afzal Khan praised the team and celebrated the restoration of the old station to one of "Levenshulme's jewels".

The directors, supporters and team behind Station South

Abigail and Pauline thanked the volunteers, team, supporters and family that all gave them the willpower to finish transforming the building.

But really, this is their success. They've wrangled this old, tired, station into something new and something needed.

The credit, the success and the celebration is theirs' to own.

They're a stronger unit than ever before. And we can't wait to see Station South move from strength to strength, support the thriving local community and continue to reconnect building and borough.

The restored windows overlooking the Fallowfield Loop

What's next for Station South?

Next up, is reconnecting the building to the Fallowfield Loop and building an urban garden for everyone in the community to enjoy. And a new website, to help people book tables, their large billboard and other events.

Station South, from the future urban garden and Fallowfield Loop

To stay in the [Fallowfield] loop on all things Station South, make sure you join their mailing list and follow them on Instagram.

By Lev You Lots

Posted 29 March 2022
Updated 31 March 2022
2 minute read

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