Your local Levenshulme guide to Christmas shopping

We hate to break it to you: Christmas is just around the corner. But we've got it covered. Here's some our favourite local shops, artists and makers to help you find the perfect prezzies this Christmas 🎁

Oh, Christmas. It almost feels like you never really left us. What was 2021?

The past couple of years have been hard on all of us, and harder on local shops, creators and artists than most.

As big business sells us dreams of same day delivery, huge sales and Metrolink stations on the moon some time this century, the bliss of completing your Christmas shopping in a few clicks can seem pretty tempting.

But hang fire. Just for a moment.

We're here to tell you to shop local this year.

And to help, we've compiled a list of low-impact gift ideas from Levenshulme shops and off-the-high-street makers that really do deserve your support this Christmas.

From hand-tied bouquets, to organic natural wines and handmade, low-impact jewellery - you can nail Christmas this year without leaving Levy. Promise 🤝

Our complete guide to shopping local in Levenshulme this Christmas

You might want to grab a mince pie for this...

Isca Wines: natural wines and gift hampers

ISCA Wines

I mean, where else could we start? Organic, natural wines with so many to choose from that they need a ladder to reach the top shelf. Pop into Isca and build your own luxury hamper of loveliness. Or just choose one from their online Christmas shop.

You are guaranteed to make someone's Christmas. But we're not taking responsibility for Boxing Day.

Florence in Flowers: foam-free floristry

Florence in Flowers

That was a lot of Fs.

It's hard to go wrong with flowers. But I'm pretty sure it's impossible to go wrong with these.

Florence in Flowers delivers bespoke bouquets and often sells flowers at various Manchester markets. Occasionally, Long Boi's Bakehouse stock her work - but they never stick around for long.

Make you sure you check her website and socials to get any orders in time for Christmas!

Helen Godley Designs

Helen Godley Designs

We love a gift that is somehow low and high impact at the same time. Helen Godley crafts jewellery that is both kind on the planet and recipients, like this recycled cotton macrame necklace.

Helen's also a graphic designer, and has designed a gorgeous 2022 calendar.

You can order directly from her website, or track her down at a local market.

PumpkinAndPeas: jesmonite homewares and jewellery


From pendants to soap dishes, coasters and plant pots, PumpkinAndPeas makes it all. I'd buy more coasters, but then I'd need to buy more nice mugs... it's the eternal struggle.

You can snap them up on Etsy, or find her at local markets on the run-in to Christmas.

Mama Z: spectacular sauces and more

Mama Z's banana ketchup

What was life before I had Mama Z's banana ketchup for the first time? I never want to go back to that dark place.

Mama Z is on her mission to bring Filipino food to Manchester. And Manchester thanks her for it. Aside from pop-up food, Mama Z makes and sells incredible sauces on her website. And sometimes, you can pick up a bottle or two at Village Stores.

If you know someone that needs a little spice in their life, why not treat them to a small collection of sauces or a hamper of Filipino food gifts and cupboard staples?

Jive Prints: playful, loud, colourful designs

Jive Prints

Okay, this might not be one for the monochrome lovers out there.

But Jive Prints design and sell incredible, vibrant cards, art prints and stationary at local markets and on their Etsy shop.

So whether it's a gift or a card you're after - anything designed by Aimee and Hollie is guaranteed to leave an impression 💅

Bud Garden Centre

Bud Garden Centre

If you didn't already know that we have one of Manchester's best garden centres right here in Burnage, then where have you been?!

Bud Garden Centre is a small plant-haven that packs a punch. You'll be amazed by the range of plants, flowers, climbers and roses available. And anything that isn't there, Bud can probably get (probably not in time for Christmas, though).

If you're not after gifts of the growing kind, then Bud also stocks pretty pots, ornaments and decorations too.

Most of their plants are peat free and sourced from local nurseries. So you can shop knowing that you're helping to preserve the UK's peatlands and keeping your carbon footprint to a minimium.

A conscious Christmas is a Christmas we can get behind 🌱

Flood Clothing Co.

Flood Clothing Co.

If sustainable fashion is more your tempo, look no further than Flood Clothing Co.

Printed right here in their Manchester studio with certified vegan and sustainable inks, Flood design and make ethical, unisex garments for the fashion and environmental minimalists out there.

Their beanies are made from organic cotton right here in the UK, too.

Ciara Leeming's Levy Lockdown Portraits

Ciara's book, Levy Lockdown Portraits

While some might not want to be reminded about lockdown life, there's a beauty to this collection of portraits by Ciara Leeming.

After a successful kickstarter campaign, Ciara's book went to print - freezing Levenshulme in time. Levy Lockdown Portraits captures life through-the-glass, and offers a window into the lives of more than 250 households.

DevilDog Sauces: limited Levy Market edition!

DevilDog Sauces' Fruits of Levy hot sauce

If things are getting a little too saucy, look away now 🥵

But Levenshulme market stalwart DevilDog Sauces have released a limited run of their 'Fruits of Levy' hot sauce, jam-packed with plum, apple and blackberry notes.

Get it now, while it's hot. Available to buy at Levy Market.

Last Ember: sustainable soy wax candles

Last Ember's cinnamon and vanilla candle

Speaking of hot...

Last Ember's soy wax candles are filled to the brim with natural oils and scents, perfect for unwinding on the sofa after a long day spent shopping. Or what about a cheeky candlelit soak in the tub? Decadent.

To be honest, I realised half way through that sentence that I'd already stopped thinking about these as a gift for anybody else. But now I'm owning it. #selfcare.

You can buy them from their online shop or try and catch them at a local market.

Last minute mania? Hit the Levy Christmas Night Market

Levenshulme night market

So, you left it a little late. Or still have a few last gifts to get. You're in luck (as long as you're reading this before 17 December, anyway).

The last Levenshulme Market of the year is usually a cut above. It's Christmas. It's a Friday night. There's music, drinks and dancing.

But in the midst of that perfect storm, there'll be local creators aplenty - perfect for getting you across the finishing line.

And if you're already done with Christmas shopping. Why not get yourself a little something? You deserve it for absolutely smashing December.

The list goes on

There you have it: our guide to Christmas shopping in Levenshulme. I'd like to say it's complete. But there's still loads of places well worth a nosey in M19, as well as artists that sell their work at markets, fairs and online.

We'll keeping adding them below. And if you know of some that we should shout about, tell us over in our Facebook group.

Shops in Levenshulme

Artists, makers and traders

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  • DevilDog Sauces
  • House of Payne
  • Heart and Parcel
  • Moon and Sixpence
  • Alice Copley
  • Charming Badger
  • Little Badger
  • MushyPeaDesign

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Posted 4 December 2021
Updated 20 December 2021
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