Our new professional listings

We explain our new listing breakdown tool, and why we're introducing professional listings.

As we write this, we only have 49 listings on Lev You Lots.

"Only" is an interesting word. Because 49 is a lot. But at the same time, 49 places, events, makers, artists and groups barely scratches the surface of what Levy has to offer.

We have a lot more work to do. And on top of adding more places, we always need to make sure we're keeping things up-to-date enough that we're not sending people to places that aren't open yet - or sending them to the wrong place altogether.

That is a lot of work.

Creating a listing from scratch takes about an hour. And that's before you count any of the time spent designing, building the website.

Our two types of listing

From now on, we'll have two types of listing...

Basic listings

Currently, most listings on our website is a basic listing. And basic listings are free.

It covers all the key information, like:

  • the name
  • an at-a-glance summary
  • a picture or two
  • links to find more information
  • bus, train and bicycle directions

Professional listings

We're introducing professional listings for people that want to get more out of Lev You Lots.

We can help raise your online profile, with:

  • professional photography
  • owner biographies
  • reviews and testimonials
  • linked events and places
  • custom call-to-actions
  • more useful links and social media accounts
  • quick share buttons

Professional listings help you tell the story of your business or event. And they help people make a decision when they're looking for places to eat or things to do.

And they help us keep Lev You Lots running, and a useful tool for all the community.

See an example of a professional listing

To give you an idea of what we can do with a professional listing, here's The Gherkin's.

Professional listings can look slightly different, depending on whether it's an event or place. And you can pick and choose the bits you do or don't want.

In the interest of transparency, The Gherkin hasn't paid us for the listing. But we're working with them as a trial, to help us understand what business owners might want from their own.

See a breakdown of our listings

To help you understand what makes up a listing, we've created a tool that breaks down all of the contents of a basic listing.

You can see how a listing is broken up, and the information that we need to gather to create one.

You can also see most (but not all!) all of the features available in a professional listing, to help you make a choice right for you and your business.

How much does a professional listing cost?

We're introducing professional listings at £99 per year, per place. Or £99 for a one-off event.

Recurring events that happen at the same time every week, month or year will be treated like a place and charged each year.

This might go up. And we'll let you know in good time if it does. To check the price is fair, we're keeping an eye on a few things:

  • whether or not upgrading is worth it, so people can be sure they'll make the money back over time in increased business
  • how much time and effort it takes for us to create and maintain them, so it's a fair income for Lev You Lots
  • how many features or options are available, and whether more advanced features need to cost more

How to upgrade to a professional listing

If you're interesting in upgrading to a shiny new professional listing, send us a message.

We'll reach out and set up a consultation. We'll work with you to understand what you're looking to get out of it, and make sure that you're happy with the result.

By Lev You Lots

Posted 20 December 2021
Updated 23 December 2021
3 minute read

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