Aunty Ji's

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South Asian fusion food and drink, from brunch to dinner and everything in-between.

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Aunty Ji's brings together authentic South Asian and western palettes to make dishes like their signature take on a full english breakfast, complete with AJ hash brown and masala beans.

Aunty Ji's is a welcoming space with something for everyone, all of the time. You can take a laptop and work by the window, chai in hand, or head in for a quick coffee stop. You can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or you can order online and takeaway.

And with a vast menu, complete with plenty of vegan and veggie options. We guarantee you'll be back sooner than you think.

Getting there, greener.


The nearest bus stop is Crayfield Road, served by


Aunty Ji's is about a 8 minute walk from Levenshulme train station.


There are several places to lock bikes close by, on Stockport Road.
This page was last updated on 4 January 2022 so this information might not be up-to-date. Remember to check their websites and social media.

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