Doing Veganuary? Here's the best places for vegans in Levenshulme

For the vegans, the veggies, conscious and the curious: we present our list of the best vegan eats in Levenshulme. Happy Veganuary! ๐ŸŒฑ

Oh, January. Christmas-come-late for vegans and vegetarians everywhere.

Fortunately, Levenshulme has one of the biggest veggie and plant-based populations in Manchester. Which means there's no shortage of restaurants, cafes and takeaways well worth a visit.

And while big chains will start bucking the trend, releasing a vegan option or two for a mere 31 days, before banishing it to the freezer for another year. Some of the locals and independents here in Levy have been feeding vegans (very, very well) for years.

To help you navigate Veganuary, and Levenshulme. We're doing all the work for you. And giving you a hit list of all of the best places to eat vegan right here in South Manchester's finest borough.

So put that Tastes Like Chicken Tikka down. And dig in to our list of plant-based favourites here in Levenshulme.

JJ's Vish and Chips

JJ's signature vegan "tofish" and chips

Right, we're starting here, at JJ's Vish and Chips.

And yes, you might be disappointed that we've started with a takeaway rather than a sit-in restaurant. But, it seems a little rude not to, when it's Levy's only entirely plant-based food joint.

That's right, there isn't a single cod, haddock or milk carton in sight.

JJ's serves up battered tofu fish, banana blossom "Vish", calamari, scampi and all of the chippy classics with a vegan twist.

We're also going to go out on a limb and say that even their chips are the best around.

They even batter oreos. I mean, come on.

The Gherkin

Levensulme's The Gherkin

The Gherkin is the next closest thing to "all-vegan" - but still amazing - as we can get.

It's an all vegetarian and (mostly) vegan bistro on Slade Lane. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and small plates into the evening.

Our favourite two things about The Gherkin are the full vegan breakfast and the famous F.U.V. cocktail.

And if you want both at the same time, we won't judge. It's always 5 o'clock somewhere. And breakfast is already guilt free... ๐Ÿ’…


Isle of Wight tomatoes, pickled courgette and smoked almonds on rye

Nordie on Stockport Road might be best known for its beer and wine collection, as well as breakfast and brunch. And while there are meat options on the menu. They really don't mess around when it comes to their vegan choices.

These master picklers rustle up special after special made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Last time, our vegan breakfast had some pretty potent, and insanely tasty, pickled courgette on it that I still think about - probably too often.

T R O V E Levenshulme

T R O V E's vegan breakfast

T R O V E is a another brunch spot and bakery well worth a visit.

Their menu is probably the most seasonal and variable in Levenshulme. So we can't promise how many veggie and vegan options there will be - but there'll always be at least one of each. And we haven't had a bad one yet.

We also have them at the top of our oat milk latte leaderboard. So why not pack your reusable cup and take a winter wander around Cringle Park, coffee in hand?

Long Boi's Bakehouse

Long Boi's famed homemade poptarts

Once you're done wandering. Come back via Long Boi's and ask them to hook you up with one of their pop tarts.

They're moorish, delish and guilt free.

But if pop tarts aren't quite your vibe, they always have plenty of other vegan bakes and treats ready to go.

It's impossible to walk out of this bakery sad. Vegan or otherwise.


Gwafuvegan's chocolate puff puff balls

If staying inside is more your vibe right now, that's fine. We hear you. And Gwafuvegan does to.

She makes and delivers top notch all-vegan West African food right to your door, including these incredible puff puff ballsย with Cinnamon and African nutmeg sugar.

And from time to time, you'll see her at Levy Market cooking up a perfect storm of African cuisine.

Waka Waka Noodle

Waka Waka Noodle, Levenshulme

Another great takeaway to try this Veganuary is Waka Waka.

After the success of their mock squid and mock chicken, this Chinese noodle bar quickly learned how to make Levy's plant-based contingent happy - and rolled out a vegan version of everything on their menu.

Mock duck, chicken, beef, squid, jackfruit, tofu - Waka Waka has it all (except, perhaps, a card machine - it's cash only). And all of their sauces are vegan by default.

If you already hit up this little takeaway on the regular, why not swap out the meat for the mock? It's tasty, promise.


Himalayas Restaurant

Himalayas is an Indian restaurant and takeaway on Stockport Road, and probably has one of the largest menus we've ever laid eyes on.

A large chunk of it is vegetarian and vegan friendly, too. And the staff are always happy to adjust things to your dietary - and spice level - preferences.

At home, or in-person, Himalayas never disappoints.

Cibus Pizza

Cibus Pizza, Levenshulme

While vegan cheese probably isn't the most traditional, authentic take on Italian pizza. We guarantee you won't find a better vegan pizza in Manchester.

Since opening their own restaurant at the old M19 Bar site, Levy Market stalwarts Cibus have expanded their menu to include more veggie and vegan options than ever.

From vegan pizza, to pasta dishes and their butternut squash panino - Cibus could carry you right through Veganuary and into Veguary, if you aren't careful.

Oh, and doughnuts. Get the doughnuts.

Honourable mentions

Unfortunately, it'd be impossible every place worth checking out in Levenshulme this Veganuary. And there's some great places on the fringes of Levy too, like Feed General Store or Rack.

Well, not strictly impossible. Just not ideal. Because I'd spend all my time writing, instead of eating vegan pizza and mock duck teriyaki udon.

So I'll leave you with a link to our full list of places with vegan options in Levenshulme.

And I'll mention some our other favourites here:

Happy Veganuary! ๐ŸŒฟ

By Lev You Lots

Posted 31 December 2021
Updated 7 January 2022
4 minute read

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