One day in Levenshulme, a local's guide

Our guide to a great day out in Levenshulme, complete with all the best things to do and see - written by someone who actually lives here 💅

It’s a calm, crisp morning in Manchester. You’ve just hopped off a train at Levenshulme Station, and now you’re standing on The Street With No Name - sun in your eyes - ready to gorge yourself of the sounds, sights and tastes of the M19. 

What do you mean, not believable enough?


There’s a kind of damp mist that clings to the air - but no rain, somehow. The morning breeze has a bite to it. It’s not that cold, yet it cuts through every layer of clothing. The sky is pure white - and carries an oppressive weight. 

Either way, you’re in Levenshulme.

Levenshulme train station and the street with no name

You’re off the train. And now you need something to do. You’ve Googled ‘Things to do in Levenshulme’ but the top result is telling you to leave right this second, and head straight for Treetop Adventure Golf in the city centre.

Well, don’t worry. We’re here to help. With an actual local’s guide to one day in Levenshulme, with recommendations of things to do that carry an M19 postcode.

Even if you followed this plan to the letter, you’ll spend a grand total of 39 minutes ambling between each spot. So when we say you could only follow this guide and have a good time - we’re backing ourselves.

So. Now what?

Without further ado, here’s our AM to PM itinerary that’ll make sure you have a cracking day and night in Levy - and still make the last train home.


Highfield Country Park

Highfield Country Park and the Fallowfield Loop

If the weather actually is on your side. We’d recommend a morning stroll or cycle along the Fallowfield Loop to Highfield Country Park.

Down in the valley, you’d be surprised at how ‘out-of-the-city’ it feels. And the tree-lined cycleway is a pleasant wildlife haven, with plenty of birds, blackberries and bees. I saw a stoat, once. That was cool.

Alongside the nature, you’ll get a good view of Station South and some of the fantastic graffiti art murals, too - perfect for The Gram.


Nordie on Stockport Road

Nordie, T R O V E, Aunty Ji’s

See, now you’ve earned brunch. And it’s gonna be good.

Leave the Fallowfield Loop at Station South, and you’re a short stroll from a few of Levenshulme’s best little brunch spots.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them. And we have listings for all of them on Lev You Lots - so I’d recommend scoping them out and choosing the one that tempts you most.

If you’re after a dirty chai, pick Aunty Ji’s. A full vegan breakfast? I’d hit up Nordie. If you’re looking for a latte and a pastry, you can’t miss out on T R O V E.


Levenshulme Antiques Village at the old Council Offices

Levenshulme Antiques Village

Nothing like a spot of shopping on a full stomach. Levenshulme’s three-floor antiques village, complete with secondhand book shop is right opposite Nordie and T R O V E - so you haven’t got far to go.

The village occupies the old council offices. So even if you’re not looking for a new chaise longue, you can probably appreciate the original tilework and mosaic floors.

Make you sure you don’t miss the old police station next door, too, where you can find even more antique furniture and other collectibles.

Moss & Maple

Cross the road again, and you’ll find Moss & Maple - our independent plant and flower shop.

It’s filled to the brim with houseplants, bouquets and other nice things. Just don’t buy more than you can carry.


Levenshulme Market

Levenshulme Market

I mean… where else?

If it’s a Saturday (and not January or Februart), make your way to Levenshulme Market and take your pick. From wood-fired pizza, to burritos, Nepalese dumplings and pastries - Levy Market literally has something for everyone and is the epitome of everything wonderful about Levenshulme.

And don’t just go for the food. Grab a coffee (or something else, we don’t judge) and browse the artists and makers selling their own hot stuff.


Long Boi's famous homemade poptarts

Long Boi’s Bakehouse

If the bustle and busyness of the market and the A6 has left you needing to unwind, we’d recommend wandering to a nearby park for a little us-time.

And fortunately, Long Boi’s is on the way to Cringle Park. And I think they’re a match made-in-heaven.

Long Boi’s bakehouse is tucked away on Forest Range, away from the main drag of Levenshulme. And it’s a pleasant pitstop for a pastry and coffee-to-go.

Cringle Park and fields

Cringle Park in the Autumn

Cringle Park is seriously quite nice.

Take a stroll down the tree-lined path, and loop back through the fields. If you catch it in the Spring or Autumn, the canopy above (or under your feet) will make for a nice little ✨moment✨


It's getting dark. And you're getting peckish. So, where next?

Cibus Pizza

Cibus Pizza

If you’re eating out in Levy for the first time, you should probably head straight for our newest pizza and Italian restaurant.

But book first. Because these guys are popular.

Georgio and Marco are pretty much local celebrities, having ran a stall out of Levy Market for a few years - proving (🍕) to be fan-favourites among locals and visitors alike.

With a huge selection of pizzas and other authentic dishes, as well as plenty of veggie and vegan options - you can’t go wrong.

A little P.S. - get the doughnuts.

ISCA Wines, Station Hop, OverDraught

Now that you’re stuffed to the crust with divine pizza, we’re sending you on your way to get merry in one of our favourites bars.

All of them are close to Cibus. And more importantly, close to the train station. We really have thought of everything. Sorry, Manchester Confidentials.

But we are leaving the last choice up to you. Because we don’t know you. And that’s okay. But we can make a few recommendations and guarantee that one of them will match your vibe, and your mood.

If you’re looking for a fairly relaxed evening, and a few craft beers from independent beers to boot, head to Station Hop, ran by Amanda and Chris. It’s a lovely spot, and the staff are always friendly and happy to talk beer, or make recommendations.

Station Hop

If you want the beer, but somewhere a little more lively - head to OverDraught. They have a huge selection of craft beers on tap, as well as bit of the hustle and bustle you might want in a bar.


Or if you're feeling refined, or like your wine, we’d recommend ISCA wines. They’re selection of organic, natural wines is probably one of the best in Manchester. And that’s before we even get started on their food and small plates.

ISCA Wines

Really, you can’t go wrong with any of them. And if you’re planning a bit of a crawl, why not visit all three? And throw The Talleyrand, Nordie and The Gherkin in for good measure!

The last train home

You’ve made it. You’ve absolutely completed one day in Levenshulme. Fed, watered, walked. You can thank us in the morning.

Just remember the ibuprofen.

We genuinely hope you have a lovely time in Levy. And while we’ve just about covered one day in South Manchester’s up-and-coming, there’s plenty more worth seeing and doing here.

So why not stick around? Have a look around Lev You Lots and start planning your next excursion.

And we'll see you around 👋

By Lev You Lots

Posted 16 January 2022
Updated 16 January 2022
5 minute read

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